Arne Richards and The Oxford Concert Party

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Oxford Concert Party has produced 5 CDs:

This is our latest CD, recorded live in concert in October 2011 and contains new compositions by ARne Richards plus tangos and traditional tunes.

La Natchave (Privet/Richards); The Cloths of Heaven (Richards); Trevor's Ground (Richards); Libertango (Piazzolla); For Isabel (Richards); Come Back Gregory (Trad); Shalom Aleikem/Tsadik Katamar (Trad); Translucence (Richards); Milonga de mis Amores (Laurenz); Sakura (Richards); Barbara's Bicycle (Richards); Lisanne (Richards); Moroccan Tango (Peiro)

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Latin American, Scottish and Irish music

Silueta Porteño (Cucaro); El Peruano (Peiro); Oblivion (Piazzolla); Apanhei-Te (Nazareth); De Vuelta Y Media (Varela); Verano Porteno (Piazzolla); La Partida (Trad); Vuelvo Al Sur (Solanas); Fon-Fon (Nazareth); Palomita Blanca (Varela); Moroccan Tango (Piero); Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 - Aria (Villa Lobos); Chapel Keithack (Marshall); Miss Wharton Duff (Marshall); Speed The Plough (Trad); Altamont And Gigue (Lovelady); Carolan's Draught (O'Carolan); Planxty O'Carolan (O'Carolan); Planxty Madam Maxwell (O'Carolan); Sicilienne (Paradis)

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300 years of music from around the world - turned upside-down!

La Cumparsita (G Rodriguez); Sheer Misery (A Richards); Milonga (Trad) Soir de Cafard (J Privat / L Hotellier); An Armenian in Krakow (A Richards); Sowjetski (I Panizki); Finnish Waltz & Polka (Trad); Resurreccion del Angel (Piazzolla); Hillhead of Corse (A Richards); The Ballater Polka (Joe Murray); Sí Bheag, Sí Mhor (T O'Carolan); Princess Royal (T O'Carolan); Lady Wrixton (T O'Carolan); Elegy for Edwin Muir (A Richards); The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (Handel); Air on a G Reed (J S Bach); Badinerie (J S Bach); Madam Vanoni (J Scott Skinner)

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Jewish Klezmer, J Scott Skinner, tangos and more!

Tanz, Tanz (A Richards); An Armenian in Krakow (A Richards); Garufa (Collazo); Chiquilin de Bachin (Piazzolla); Tango Fuego (Zucco); Twin Sisters (Trad); Suite (James Scott Skinner) - The Flower of the Quern (Tutti) - The Battle of Falkirk (Violins) - The Minstrel to his Soul (Viola) - The Cairngorms (Harpsichord) - Clarence Tough and the Young King (Cello and Double Bass) - Banks (attr Parazotti) (Tutti); A Waltz for Catherine (A Richards / Jay Unger); Prelude (G Garcia); Tönder (Phil. Cunningham); San Fernando (Codeville); Suvivalssi (Trad)

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Classic Carolan - the best of Irish music.

Fanny Power (T O'Carolan); Princess Royal - Sí Bheag, Sí Mhor - Lady Wrixton (T O'Carolan); The Coyles of Muick (T O'Carolan); King of the Fairies - The Silver Spire (Trad); O'Rourke's Lament - O'Rourke's Feast (T O'Carolan); Planxty Irwin (T O'Carolan); The Mullingar Races - The Pigeon on the Gate - Fairy Dance (Trad); The Clergy's Lamentation - Give Me Your Hand (T O'Carolan); Carolan's Maggot - Carolan's Farewell to Music - Ode to Whiskey (T O'Carolan) ;Little Celia Connella - Spatter the Dew - Lady Wrixton (Reprise) (T O'Carolan / Trad); Eammon a Chnuic (Trad); Bridget Cruise - Loftus Jones - Lament for Owen Roe O'Neill - Carolan's Concerto (T O'Carolan)


The Convivial Cookbook
Over 20 years, the group has spent a good proportion of their days together on tour. This has brought the group closer and one of the things they love doing most is cooking and eating together after a hard day's work. Over the last two decades, our double bassist, Lucy Hare, has gathered many of the recipes of dishes created together in a book, 'The Convivial Cookbook', to celebrate this exceptional group of musicians who met in an attic in Oxford as virtual strangers and have now become the closest and dearest of friends.

The recipes are designed as quick and easy meals to be cooked for friends, from soups through to desserts, and even a special section on washing up! It is beautifully illustrated with monoprints by Isabel Knowland.

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If you wish to order by post, all the CDs and The Convivial Cookbook are £10 each and please add £2.99 for postage and packing. Please make cheques out to Oxford Concert Party and send to Oxford Concert Party, 10 Orchard Road, Hook Norton, Banbury, Oxon. OX15 5LX